Employment Opportunities 


The new campus facility at Mikai’sto provides unprecedented opportunities for employment on the Reserve both in the short and long-term.  Our goal is to maximize Indigenous participation in the project and build capacity for skilled workers on the Reserve for future project. We are committed to hiring as many Blood Tribe members on this project as possible.  In fact, our first contractors for civil works where from the Blood Tribe.  


Our Employment Framework for the project is to: 

Create cultural awareness through education.

Create cultural awareness through education.

Enhance employment, training, and mentoring opportunities.

Implement an apprenticeship engagement strategy.

Maximize the use of local labour force.

Maximize contracting opportunities for Blood Tribe workers, contractors, and suppliers. 


Internship & Apprenticeship  Opportunities
Job Opportunities
Employments Opportunities Available

St. Mary’s construction is pleased to announce the addition of the following employment opportunities;


- 1 HVAC Technician

- 2 Sprinkler Technicians

- 1 Refrigeration Technicians

- 3 Roofers

- 1 Carpenter

- 3 Mortar Technicians

- 1 Journeyman Electrician

- 2 Beginner Electricians

- 4 labourers for labour intensive positions

- 5 Cladders

- Up to 15 positions available for Drywallers, Framers and Mudders.

For the above opportunities, please contact J.R. Manson, St. Mary's Construction Project Manager, by calling (403) 715-9411 or by email jrmanson@hotmail.com Please include all relevant tickets with your resumes.

2021 01 13 Workers breakdown.png
For more information on the opportunities please contact: 

St. Mary’s Construction is assisting Red Crow Community College with employment opportunities for the project.  Please contact Jim Plume if you are interested in one of the positions posted. 

Jim Plume jimplume@gmail.com  

403. 715.9951

Job Shadowing Opportunities
JV Mentoring Opportunities