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Our Invitation


Through the strategic investment of Chief and Council, as well as the Province of Alberta and the Government of Canada, capital funding for the construction of our 9,455 square metre facility is nearly in place. A total of $48 million has been raised with $28 million coming from the Blood Reserve and the College. 

A $5 million philanthropic fundraising campaign is now required to support the realization of our vision.  With your support, we will complete construction, outfit our new College, and establish funds to support our operations and our learners in the years ahead.  

The support of corporate, community and family partners will:

Develop culturally appropriate curricula.

Reclaim Indigenous language and culture.

Instill a sense of strong identity and pride.

Close educational gaps.

Address the backlog of Indigenous students seeking a post-secondary education on Reserve.

Build intercultural understanding, empathy, and mutual respect.

Our Ask

The Mikai’sto Foundation was set up to assist our College with raising funds for programs, students, and facilities.  


For more information on how to donate, please contact: 

Ruth Provost, CEO

Mikai’sto Foundation

(403) 308-6129

Roy Weasel Fat, President

Red Crow Community College

(403) 331.7589


to complete and equip the new campus facilities.


to match Band contributions and establish an operating fund, enabling annual investment contribution for the future.


to underpin student bursaries and directly support learners.

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