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Red Crow Community College New Campus Project Update - June 15, 2021

What Happened last Month, and What’s Expected for Next Month?

May was a significant month for the Red Crow Community College project. Visually, the project has ‘come alive,’ with significant structural steel erection having taken place – setting a milestone in the project that will have visually noticeable progress nearly every week that goes by. Concrete stair cores have achieved 100% completion, while the Elevator cores are anticipated to be completed by mid-June. In addition, a significant portion of the remaining excavations and backfilling for the East and West side of the site have been completed or will be imminently completed. Storm and Sanitary Sewers are or will be completed, tested, and inspected by the end of June.

Throughout June, there will be Electrical and Mechanical rough ins starting, as well as the block wall for the Gymnasium is expected to begin construction. In addition, the Glulam Beams have now been installed and they are beautiful. Steel studding for the perimeter walls will begin, and roofing of the steel superstructure will begin. Substantial completion of the building is expected in Spring of 2022.

The Project team, Clark Builders and St. Mary’s Construction are proud to have upheld a safe

and COVID-free worksite, with no lost-time incidents in May. We are also excited to have achieved significant Indigenous employment engagement, with 55% of total manpower labor-hours to date from Members of the Blackfoot Nation and Kainai Nation, as well as other Nations.

Red Crows President and Board continue to fund raise for the project with a $5 million campaign to raise operating and student support funds. Please check out the website for more information on how you can participate:

College staff are now working on new programs for the College including a comprehensive

hands-on agricultural program that will offer diplomas eventually leading to a degree program. Red Crow is partnering with Olds College with this program. We are planning for courses, community green houses, a new root cellar and, eventually, a livestock. We are now starting to plan for at a new Trades Centre within our existing facility. Watch for new information on this project in upcoming issues.

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