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Red Crow New Campus Summer Construction Briefing - September 2021

Red Crow Community College is excited to provide an update on the construction of its new Campus Facility at our main campus in Stand Off, Alberta. The new campus facility, approximately 9,455 square metres (just over 100,000 square feet), will allow the College to deliver existing and new courses and programs in collaboration with other Blood Tribe entities and Campus Alberta institutions through for example, 2+2-degree program, adult upgrading, trades programs and agricultural certificates.


So, what has been happening?

Over the summer months, construction saw a transition from the building superstructure to the building envelope and interiors. The storm sewer is now complete. At this stage in construction, the building will be broken out into 3 segments – The West wing, The East wing and The Atrium.

Currently, the East wing is the furthest along with all concrete slabs poured on both main and second floor. The East wing has also progressed enough that the exterior steel framing installed, fire spray applied to the perimeter beams and exterior drywall installed closing in the East wing. With exterior boarding installed, the cladding contractor was able to begin installing the vapour barrier system. Mechanical systems are being installed.

In the West wing, the focus remains on pouring out concrete slabs. On the second floor, welded wire mesh and rebar have been installed in preparation of a slab pour to complete the second floor. On the main floor, the mechanical rough-in installation has been ongoing with backfill following close behind.

In the Atrium, we saw the completion of steel decking tying the East and West wing together on the second floor while sprinkler prefabrication also occurred prepping for install once construction allows.


What can we expect to see in the next few months?

The next few months will see a continued push to complete the concrete slab pours, begin the site concrete work in the existing parking lot, start the installation of exterior site lighting and to transition to exterior and interior framing. The exterior rough grade will be brought up and the weeping tile will be installed. The parking lot sub-base will also be ready for gravel install. Sidewalk install to the existing building will occur.

The exterior monument sign foundation to be installed as well as bases for bollard lights and light standards. The Glulam Beam subcontractor will be remobilizing to site to complete outriggers and roof deck in the middle of September once sprinkler install and testing is complete. The wood in the atrium is nearly complete!


When will the new College Facility be open?

We are on schedule to be complete in June or early July of 2022 with a grand opening in September of 2022 at the beginning of the new school year!

The new Campus Facility will house classrooms and workshops, a new state-of-the-art Library and Knowledge Commons, museum and archival spaces, cultural gathering spaces, student academic and counselling spaces, administrative spaces as well as new central spaces for Elders. The Facility will support the long-term enrolment projections of 900 FLE’s within the next 10-15-years.

The new Campus Facility will cost $48 million to construct. Funding is coming from Red Crow’s insurance settlement, Blood Tribes Asset Mismanagement Fund and the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Plan (Federal and Provincial government).


How can I find out about jobs?

Red Crow is committed to hiring Blood Tribe members where possible and will have a variety of opportunities available. If you are interested in working on our project, please contact JR Manson at St. Mary’s Construction


Where can I find out more information about courses?

New course development continues, and a number of new programs will be ready for our fall opening in 2022 – one short year away. For more information about Red Crow Community College, please visit our website:

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